Zander-Greg’s mission statement with the Nat Cicco portfolio was to create a full-line brand identity, with cigars that satisfy the entire spectrum of smokers, from value- seekers to connoisseurs. This was accomplished in a systematic, planned-growth model, and has successfully reestablished the Nat Cicco name at all levels of the cigar world. From budget-priced to super premium cigars, Nat Cicco offers unique value and benefits at every price point. Now, the company is building market acceptance at the same measured and controlled pace to gain world recognition for the Nat Cicco name.


Nat Cicco’s runaway success now ranks it as the foremost name in Zander-Greg’s extensive catalog of fine cigars. From budget-priced to super premium offerings, Nat Cicco is gaining international recognition as the company’s “signature” brand. Complementing the cigars, an equally extensive lineup of distinctive and utilitarian Nat Cicco-branded cigar accessories is appearing at tobacco retailers.