The Cuba Aliados Original Blend will be a regular-production brand made in Honduras by JRE Tobacco Co., the father-and-son team consisting of Julio Eiroa and his son Justo. The Eiroa family is known for growing Honduran tobacco and the new Cuba Aliados Original Blend is a Honduran puro. According to Oliva, this line of cigars “uses the original blend” conceived by Rolando Reyes Sr., however, Reyes has gone on the record telling Cigar Aficionado that he disliked Honduran tobacco and has never used it. “I just don't like it. I never worked with it. I feel that it doesn't have what I'm looking for,” he said in a 2006 interview. Despite this, Oliva maintains that this Honduran blend was created to more closely capture the character of the cigars Reyes made in Cuba when he was using Cuban tobacco.